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Our offer in Germany

QG solar develops, plans, and builds high-quality photovoltaic systems for investors and roof owners all over Germany. We also offer technical service from our extensive portfolio of individual services with a focus on quality.

Project development and implementation for external investors

Unused roof tops are roof capital for roof owners. This capital is unused if the roof owner does not invest in photovoltaics. If the owner of a large roof top is not interested in his own system, QG solar can lease this surface for an interesting roof lease project. We develop, plan, and build a quality-assured photovoltaic system on that roof surface and sell it turnkey, together with a revenue guaranteed monitoring and maintenance concept, to an investor.

You can find additional information on how to lease your roof here: Your roof
If you want to invest in a PV system on a leased roof, you can find information here: Your investment

Planning and installation of high-quality and quality-assured photovoltaic systems

QG solar offers planning and installation services to roof owners interested in their own PV system. Due to the extensive experience of our technicians, all of their work is quality-assured, guaranteeing long life of the system with maximum income.

The focus of QG solar is on two types of investment planning:
Commercial businesses and public entities can protect themselves from future increases of their energy costs with a PV system designed for their respective energy use. The lucrative self-consumption regulation of the German Renewable Energy Act (EEG) offers the possibility of permanently and significantly reducing part of your energy costs with a PV system. In order to optimally implement such a system, we at QG solar use our proprietary design software for solar power systems. This allow us to adapt the size of a PV system to expected power consumption and not solely to roof size. Based on the return forecast, the production data of the solar system are compared and evaluated versus the customer’s energy consumption data in 15 minute intervals. This allows for a system design which will minimize future energy costs and/or maximize the ROI using the regulations pertaining to self-consumption of the German Renewable Energy Act.

Get more information about self-consumption in our brochure: Werden Sie jetzt Solarstromerzeuger!
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Technical services

Based on our extensive experience, QG solar also offers individual, quality-focused services, such as system evaluation and project management. Our customers for these services are investors, project planners, and PV system operators:
We support public entities, such as municipalities, public utilities, or non-profit associations during the implementation of their plans in the PV area. A constantly growing area of our activities is checking existing PV systems that do not produce the desired yields due to faulty components, flawed plans, or defective installations. In this case, QG solar manages the process, from "revival" all the way to the settlement of possible damages.

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